Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What is a VSAT system?

The use of VSAT systems is growing throughout the world as a way of establishing private satellite communications networks for large organisations that have several widely dispersed locations,
or providing higher bandwidth for the individual. Depending on bandwidth requirement (data speed and/or communications channels), VSAT systems can be relatively small (1 - 2 metre antenna) and easily
installed. By linking VSAT terminals to larger hub stations (or land earth stations), a network can be established inexpensively, although in this type of configuration, VSATs can communicate only via the hub and not from remote terminal to remote terminal. This configuration is called STAR configuration. VSAT networks
can readily be configured so that the hub can broadcast data to all the VSAT terminals at higher rates than they can communicate to the hub.
VSAT topologies

As specialists in satellite communications systems,
VSATplus can offer the design and installation of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems.
These provide dedicated, reliable, cost effective and private communications
links for the individual and corporate users, with the provision of total
system capabilities to support high bandwidth secure data, voice and video communication.

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